(Re)discovered Uncial Fragment of John’s Gospel (0323)

…yet exciting (re)discovery: a forgotten uncial fragment of John’s Gospel in one of the most famous manuscripts in the field of New Testament textual criticism, the Syrus Sinaiticus. The presence of some palimpsest leaves with a Greek Gospel text in this manuscript (Sinaiticus gr. 30, fol. 142, 144, 147 and 149) has been known to the scientific community for more than 100 years, but it always remained in the shadow of the Old Syriac text and apparently no one realized that it had gone unregistered in the GA list of New Testament manuscripts.

via A “New” Uncial Fragment of John’s Gospel (0323) | Marginalia.

In working on my dissertation, I am weary of the textual completeness of John. Not really sure, yet, how this will factor in, but it is always interesting!

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  1. Ah, as so often Joel takes things to extremes. The ordinary Christian, on finding something in the Bible which they wish was not there, looks at other translations hoping they will say something different. The pastor, finding the same, looks to the original language text. The scholar looks for textual variants. And Joel, frustrated on all these counts, starts searching for undiscovered manuscripts in the hope that he can find one which says what he wants to hear. 😉

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