Reading(s) Psalm 2

Matt Larson has a series going which I thought might be of interest to you. This particular post is of interest to me, as I am considering Psalm 2 and Revelation and the possible connection there. (Don’t tell me if you already have the answer.) Anyway, he is taking five views (Historical-Critical, Canonical-OT Theology, Intertestamental, Apostolic, and Christian) and examining various passages according to them.

On thing that we should remember is that Christian use is different in many ways than early Apostolic use. The Apostles were writers, interpreting the Christ-event by their previous traditions, while later Christian use allowed for interpretation by the Apostles and Church (developing) tradition.

Anyway, it is a good series:

A Five-Fold Reading of Psalm 2 « Matthew D. Larsen’s NT studies blog.

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