Read an excerpt of “More Than Enchanting” by Jo Saxton @ivpress

Read it here (unless it doesn’t show up below)… buy it here.

More Than Enchanting by Jo Sexton

And, and this is funny but… a meaningful message

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One Reply to “Read an excerpt of “More Than Enchanting” by Jo Saxton @ivpress”

  1. Real men believe in the right of national self-determination. Real men actually visit places and talk to the people who live there before pontificating about their situation and condemning their wishes to remain their current nationality. Real men don’t support past wars of aggression even when it’s an Argentinian war of aggression, nor a military invasion of an island in which none of the islanders even remotely welcomed the aggressors’ presence. Real men don’t shoot their mouths off about the Falkland Islands out of a position of biased ignorance. Real men aren’t fascists like Sean Penn.

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