Ralph Ellis is absolutely* right* about Tom Verenna

Ralph has maintained that Tom has never gone to Rutgers U.

ralph ellis is a moron

And now Tom is leaving Rutgers (best of luck to him!)

So now, Ellis will sorta be right, although Rutgers has acknowledged Tom goes there and Tom goes there now so… Wait. That means… Ellis lied. Again.

Poor guy. He has such a crush on Tom because of Tom’s excellent work destroyed his pre-school premise that he is following him everywhere to try to get his attention.

Friends, it’s either a severe man crush or a betrayal of psychopathic tendencies.

I mean, he thinks Daniel and Tom are the same person…

ralph ellis a moron part 2 (tom verenna)

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9 Replies to “Ralph Ellis is absolutely* right* about Tom Verenna”

  1. I’m sure it’s both. Honestly, I don’t care what this loon says anymore. I’ve said what I’ve had to say and he can whine and complain about it all he wants. Though, I wonder if he knows the more he talks about me, and tells others about me, the more my Google ranking soars? Oh well, no one tell him that.

  2. you know, say what you want about me and joel. we can take it. but danny is an absolutely delightful human being and a lovely man and a very very gifted scholar. 10 million ralph ellis’s don’t measure up intellectually to 1 danny mc.

  3. Had to double check to make sure I was posting as Jim for that last comment. It’s difficult to keep my identities straight.

    Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen! I almost feel the same way about you! 😉

  4. Lets face it, Tom Verenna brought this on himself…by being such a liar when he posted as “Rook Hawkins”.

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