Quotes by Theodosius Dobzhansky

Theodosius Dobzhansky, ca.1966
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Who was this guy? Well, for one, he was a scientist. And a believer. I know, right. How completely odd. You cannot be a believer and a scientist, right? Here are some quotes:

Judged superficially, a progressive saturation of the germ plasm of a species with mutant genes a majority of which are deleterious in their effects is a destructive process, a sort of deterioration of the genotype which threatens the very existence of the species and can finally lead only to its extinction. The eugenical Jeremiahs keep constantly before our eyes the nightmare of human populations accumulating recessive genes that produce pathological effects when homozygous. These prophets of doom seem to be unaware of the fact that wild species in the state of nature fare in this respect no better than man does with all the artificality of his surroundings, and yet life has not come to an end on this planet. The eschatological cries proclaiming the failure of natural selection to operate in human populations have more to do with political beliefs than with scientific findings. — ]] Genetics and Origin of Species (1937), 126.

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution — Theodosius Dobzhansky ‘]]’, American Zoologist, 1964, 4, 449.

Scientists often have a naive faith that if only they could discover enough facts about a problem, these facts would somehow arrange themselves in a compelling and true solution.

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