Quote of the Day – Spare No One From Ridicule

I don’t know if anyone remembers “As Good as it Gets,” with Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, and Jack Nicholson. Such a funny movie, but absolutely unsparing of women, gays, straights, blacks, everyone. I think we need movies like that. Bloggers, too.  – John Hobbins

See, John, this is where good exegesis is needed – “As Good as it Gets” is a movie about an insane man who needs medication. He is a racist, anti-Semitic, a sexist, and homophobic man – no, not merely finding homosexuality sinful, he is afraid of them. Further, he is bigoted and treats all people like filth.

So, we need bloggers like that, really? Which ones? The type who need medication or the racist, sexist type?

By the way, at the end of the movie, the Jack Nicholson character takes his medication and comes begging to Helen Hunt for another chance.

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38 Replies to “Quote of the Day – Spare No One From Ridicule”

  1. I have an idea … what if we had more bloggers who were respectful and used clever persuasion to try to win arguments?

    Oh, never mind … I don’t know what I’m thinking.

    1. How about you don’t speak until I speak to you. If I wanted to hear you, I would pull your chain. I am sure that their is a reason NOT to spare you for anything. I’ll find it and when I do, I’ll find a verse to ridicule you with.

      On the other hand, I hope you know I am kidding.

  2. “He is a racist,”

    You mean, “Does not conform to left-wing demands not to criticise favoured ethnic groups”? Good for him.


    You mean, “Does not conform to left-wing demands that Jews cannot be criticised”? Good for him.

    “a sexist”

    You mean, “Does not conform to left-wing demands about what may not be said about women”? Good for him.

    Would you care to explain just why any rational man would conform to all these demands from one political group for silence before their pet causes?

    “and homophobic”

    You mean, “Does not like unnatural vice and refuses to conform to demand of lefties to pretend otherwise”? Sounds like a courageous and sensible man.


    You mean, “Not member of favoured group”?

    “Further, he is bigoted”

    Compared to this hateful litany? Improbable! But what you mean is “Strongly disagrees with left-wing demands and ideology.” Again, good for him.

    “and treats all people like filth.”

    Well, I bet he doesn’t invent nasty names to try to intimidate people. Would you explain why you think intimidation is a respectable political tactic?

    Neither you, nor I, nor any other person in this democracy was ever asked whether we endorsed this censorship-by-intimidation; it was done by an establishment conspiracy against the electorate. Would you explain why you think it’s OK to bypass democracy?

    Please … think about what you post. Every line of what you wrote shrieked hate, demonisation of ordinary people who hold perfectly normal views, who don’t feel any need to conform to an ideology devised specifically to injure everyone.

    Please be more tolerant. Whatever our political views, surely we can at least respect those who hold different ones. It is the sheer bigotry and impudence with which one section of the political spectrum demand the submission of the rest that should frighten us all. What need for a secret police, when Newspeak can be used like this?

    1. Mr. Pearse,

      By racism and antisemitism, I mean that the character in the movie is prejudiced against Africans and Jews. Not merely criticizing them, but is prejudiced. The character in the movie believes and treats women as second class citizens. By homophobic, I mean that he is literally afraid of gay people, because you know, they have cooties. By man I mean that the character in the movie is a man. (Stretching much?)

      Who is inventing nasty names to intimidate people? No one is endorsing censorship, just the grow of a society in which the minority is not exclude from the majority by hate and fear.

      It is normal to hate a black man? A Jew? Was Hitler okay? It is okay to believe that a woman has no reason or accountability?

      To speak against such things – where it is okay to hate and act against someone because they are a minority – is not intimidation, but a democratic duty.

    2. Roger–

      I’m a bit stunned. What movie were YOU watching? The ENTIRE POINT OF THE FILM was that Nicholson’s character was so OCD & pathologically socially offensive that he was unable to form emotional connections with people around him. His ability to overcome his psychosis in order to pursue his love for Helen Hunt’s character and strengthen his surprising friendship with Greg Kinnear & Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s characters.

      I’m a film buff and an entertainment news junkie, but nothing I’ve ever read about ‘As Good As It Gets’ ever suggested that the film was positioning Nicholson’s character as some sort of conservative-values hero.

      The fact that you view the character’s personality traits as healthy Christian/conservative behavior is both interestingly apt and utterly strange.

      You should probably watch the movie again, because you clearly missed the whole point.

  3. It was a wonderful movie – funny, touching, tragic, and it definitely made his obsessions, bigotry and prejudice not OK. They were part of his illness. The quote of the day is nothing other than misleading of the movie, and arrogant ignorance.

      1. I also like “arrogant ignorance”. I think there are areas where we all exhibit this behavior… I have an idea: today, let’s all commit to learning something new about something we think we know everything about… If I can do it, you can do it.

        1. Arrogant ignorance is only reserved for those who properly deserve it. In this particular case the subject is over qualified. This subject uses the weak attack of sarcasm to decorate his contribution to ‘discussion’ and labels his opponents as particular ‘types’ so that he can then tell them what they apparently think. He has told me, that as a ‘Marxist’ (something as a Marxist I won’t admit) that apparently (only to him) my agenda is to attack Christianity. I have a transparent ploy to suffocate free speech and to top it all off I’m James Crossley’s ‘thuggish bodyguard’. And he’s closed the comments. That’ll keep us entertained for a while to come. What he can’t comprehend is that in the rest of the world some of us have independent minds, and even on my own blog, we are not part of some american social sub group, but individual independent minds, and alot of the debate on our blog is between the co bloggers arguing over their independent ideologies. And Marxist philosophy is more the concern of another blogger and something some of my co bloggers have interacted with. And neither the co bloggers of the other blogger are Marxists, as non Christians can be interested in Christianity (moi – and for historical reasons not as an ex christian debunking it for goodness sake) and non musicians can be interested in musical history and art critiques need not be artists…. Arrogant ignorance is accompanied by a stunning lack of imagination.

      1. so so dull all this ‘fun’. By the way when you see the light Joel, the traffic either goes or stops. But who cares???? I thought it was a waste of space before Joel took over, it’s brewing to get worse. I hope you all get bored with it! 🙂

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