Quote of the Day: The Language of Science and Faith

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It is often difficult for me to understand billions of years, but as I am reading this book, I am reminded that often times, I find it no problem to imagine Eternity..

We have to distinguish between challenges to our imagination, which having troubling conceptualizing slow processes that take millions of years, and challenges to nature, which have no such limitations. (p46)

Well… yeah… So, here’s the deal – if you have a problem imagining things happening over a long period of time then the concept of Eternity, and indeed, the eternalness of God, should more than bother you.

Does it?

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One Reply to “Quote of the Day: The Language of Science and Faith”

  1. It bothers me that as I grow older I recall an increasingly smaller number of events from my childhood and teenage years, young adult years, even my adult years. If I live eternally how much will I remember of my life on earth, or events that took place there? Won’t I eventually forget all of my life on earth, and all events that took place on earth, including Jesus’ death? Jesus might be someone that Christians keep praising in heaven for eternity, but what memory will they have about their past lives on earth after trillions of years have passed? What memory will they have of anything they read about, including the Bible’s story of Jesus after quadrillions of years have passed? On earth new memories get reinforced and remain at the front of our consciousness, while older memories get mixed up with each other, and/or fade away.

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