Quote of the Day: Russell Brand on (Dawkin’s) atheism and religion

Thom Stark transcribed this and it is awesome.


English: English comedian Russell Brand. Españ...
English: English comedian Russell Brand. Español: El comediante inglés Russell Brand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Josh Green: Russell, quit hating on Dawkins. You know religion has done more harm than good!

Russell Brand: How can we measure that? What you call religion, I call territorialism, and sort of an ideological imperialism. I don’t think it’s good to go around on crusades or do jihads or lie at people or have a go at people. But I do think it’s good to have a system that connects the known and the unknown and for us to have a ritualized way of understanding the limitations of our own perspective and embracing ideas that are beyond our consciousness. And that’s what religion’s meant to be for me. And ol’ Dicky Dawkins, with his way of judging the world, prevents the positive things about religion. And I think if we eschew those positive things, then we ain’t got any chance of countenancing the materialistic ideologues that currently govern us. You know like governments, big corporations and that. So I think religion might be a way of circumnavigating them. I don’t think we can do it with old leftist ideas or old revolutionary notions. I don’t think they work anymore. Obviously there’d have to be loads of administration, collectivisation, all that. But what I’m saying is part of it is a sense of spiritual connection. So, Josh Green. I don’t hate Dawkins, anyway. I’m just pointing out that that sort of scientific dogmatism and materialism actually shares quite a lot with the aspects of religion that they claim to dislike, like being sort of quite judgmental and limiting and all that kind of stuff. And anti-mystical. I don’t like it.

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3 Replies to “Quote of the Day: Russell Brand on (Dawkin’s) atheism and religion”

  1. Missed the best part. Question on who would make the better father, Brand or Dawkins? Put some Brand and Dawkins into a test tube, implant in a surrogate mother. Both Brand and Dawkins raise the Brute. When he’s 18, give him a hunting knife, and have him kill one or the other.
    This answer has both biblical, and Freudian evolutionary undertones. Love it.

  2. Actually, there is a very effective alternative to “old leftist ideas or old revolutionary notions [that don’t] work anymore.” It’s apathy. Not only did it collapse the Soviet Union, it’s undermining America. Too many fanatics – both left and right – have cried “Wolf!” That’s why trust in EVERY major institution in the United States is eroding.

    Last month (June 2014), according to Gallup, less than half the American public had either “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of trust in churches/organized religion. The public had even less trust in medicine, the Supreme Court, the president, public education, banks, criminal justice, media, organized labor, big business, or Congress!

    Most frightening of all, according to Gallup, over half the public trusted the military!!! Of course, that shouldn’t be to surprising in an empire run by a bunch of draft-dodging cowards.

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