Quote of the Day: René Girard – Do Violence

René Girard
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I am always told one must never do violence to the text. Faced with Guillaume de Machaut the choice is clear: one must either do violence to the text or let the text forever do violence to innocent victims.

The book is outstanding, thus far, dealing with mimetic desire in persecution texts. I’ll have more to say about this book as I go on…

The author which Girard mentions is one who was writing in the 14th century, during the Black Death. The author writes of his community’s struggles with this social crisis, and the way in which they overcame it. They killed Jews. They were the scapegoat which they blamed for the plague.


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2 Replies to “Quote of the Day: René Girard – Do Violence”

  1. So do we do violence also to the book of Joshua? After all some might argue that the situation was similar, except that the victims were not Jews but Palestinians Canaanites.

    1. I think that they might have a solid argument, however, as Girard points out, what makes his author more believable is that the outside factors which cause the persecution are limited to non-stereotypical instances. I’m not sure we could say the same for the book of Joshua.

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