Quote of the Day: Pope Francis

(W)e can walk as much we want, we can build many things, but if we do not confess Jesus Christ, nothing will avail. We will become a pitiful NGO, but not the Church, the Bride of Christ.

via The Sacred Page: Pope Francis’ First Homily.

You can read the entire first Homily at The Sacred Page. Let’s let the Cardinal who became Bishop of Rome pastor as he is known for.

While I do not agree with some of his past statements, I cannot judge him as Pope because he hasn’t been Pope. I see many of my friends do this, judging, and it troubles me. From what we understand, Pope Francis is a pastor at heart. So, let’s see.

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2 Replies to “Quote of the Day: Pope Francis”

  1. I see what you’re getting at, and I mean that. However, it’s very difficult to see past statements like gay adoption being discriminatory towards children and homosexual activism being a plan to destroy God’s plan.

    He can still effect change for the church. There is plenty to be done about child rape and bureaucratic corruption. However, the kind of discrimination evident in statements like those I mentioned is pretty stark.

    1. No, I’m not happy about that either, but we do know from experience that pastoral roles change people. And, if just maybe we allow that the Spirit of God can change people, well…

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