Quote of the Day: N.T. Wright on Creeds and Gospel

Jesus, Paul, the People of God and N.T. Wright
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So I am reading this book on N.T. Wright. You know him, right?

Now, I know that this may irk Jim West, but during this time of crisis, or rather, at the beginning of it, Wright served asĀ  real anchor for me, so to say that I have a theological (man) crush on Wright is a pretty good description.

Anyway, the quote of the day is:

I believe in the creeds. But I believe in the Jesus of the Gospels a good deal more. – p64

]] had, at one point, criticized Wright for ‘bracketing out’ Christian Tradition in the search for the historical Jesus. As with other sections, Hays’ work is followed by a response from Wright, in which this quote is found.

I believe that many of the Creeds are a legitimate expression of Christian thought, but I don’t believe in all of them. I would stop at Sardica/Serdica/Sophia in the middle of the 4th century, although surely not an ecumenical creed. Of course, I’d just as soon as settle for the Apostle’s Creed as the only creed.

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