Quote of the Day: Michael Halcomb on Christian Scholars and Mythicists

The soon to be doctor Michael Halcomb (congrats) posted a link to something by Albert Schweitzer and then carried the convo onto facebook a bit with this quote:

I think that those poor mythicists, who so badly want to make a name for themselves here and now by trying to prove 1) that they’re smart, and 2) that Jesus never existed, fail to realize that not only do few take them seriously now, but once they are dead and gone, they’ll most likely be forgotten about forever. And if they do just so happen to be one of the few to write a work that gets some attention throughout history, even in their death, they will always be but mere shadows of say, Voltaire (whose home and press was used and acquired by the Geneva Bible Society upon his death).

Mythicism is fundamentalism in disguise – there is not reasonable doubt (which as a scholarly enterprise has been misrepresented), only the solid wall to facts


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