Quote of the Day: McGrath on the Historical Jesus

And if there is an authentic saying of Jesus, or action by him, or he was crucified, then he existed, because there is no such thing as an authentic historical action by a non-existent person.

Exploring Our Matrix: Mythicist Misunderstanding.

I will not tell you anything else, except to ask you to go and look.

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4 Replies to “Quote of the Day: McGrath on the Historical Jesus”

  1. McGrath is dead-on. The whole “But, Jesus didn’t even exist!” crowd is really quite dumb, flat-earthers and creationists who seem to believe they have some kind of intellectual point, when really, it’s just the tops of their heads.

    1. I’ve tried to understand their point of view, but considering the historical witness of a man named Jesus (although we are forced to answer the question, ‘Who is he?’) it is evident that he existed.

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