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A powerful argument that addiction is not a disease, nor immoral…

We are neither taught nor inclined to think of addicted persons as being actively and passionately engaged in the pursuit of the good life. We tend to think of them as persons who have checked out of the game or who are positively bent on destruction. But this is not so. I maintain that addictive behavior can tell us more than almost any other kind of human behavior about what human beings most deeply desire. (97)

This is a good book. Get it.

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4 Replies to “Quote of the Day: Kent Dunnington @ivpress”

      1. With addiction, something else is taking the lace of God, whether it’s food, alcohol or drugs. Instead of using Jesus Christ to help you, some unwittingly use other things instead. It’s definitely not a disease though, but a sin problem so that part I can agree with you there, but “morality” and the word of God many times dont’ agree.

        1. I’m not sure what you mean by sin.

          What we are talking about is not the moral state of the person in relation to God, but whether or not the addict is actually seeking the ‘good life.’ I think the author is making the case, and doing so well, that the addict is like the rest of us. They are not seeking depravity, but actually, they are seeking the good life.

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