Quote of the Day: Jamelle Bouie #purityandlust

Homeless minister speaks at 2012 United Method...
Homeless minister speaks at 2012 United Methodist General Conference (Photo credit: UMWomen)

Part of me thinks the obsession with “purity” and sexual ethics among contemporary conservative evangelicals…is an attempt to avoid the core question of American Christianity…How does a member of the richest, most powerful society to ever exist worship a God of the poor and marginalized?

There you go, chew on that.

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4 Replies to “Quote of the Day: Jamelle Bouie #purityandlust”

  1. by living simply and below your means. by making do with what you have. by taking food to the food bank. by sending gift cards for local grocery store anon. to families in your church. its a start.

  2. I know it is not her intention but it is almost as if she is saying there is not enough misery in America to allow one to be a good Christian. Probably a little more context would be helpful but most don’t go for the context of any statement on a blog and thus a serious problem often exists.

    1. There is a current move/discussion on twitter/real world that purity of the female is the only proper gift to her husband. So, if she is otherwise impure, well…

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