Quote of the Day – God and Humanity working through history

History and Christian Faith - Edward W. H. Vick
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Thanks to Henry for this book. It already is a heady one which is promoting actual thinking…

Vick is a contemporary philosopher, and it shows.

First, he is speaking about the view of History and the way in which Christians often interpret it via the Christian worldview. He insists:

Rather, God gives to nature and to man a sphere of independence in which things happen which are not directly initiated by the divine will. (p10)

You get that, right? It is not just about free will for Vick, or about a predetermined path for everything, every action, every soul. I find here a thought found in the recent work by ]] and ]] wherein God follows natural laws, but there is evidences of divine will.

He moves on,

You don’t need to insist that God knew it all beforehand to hold to the view God’s purpose is being worked out in the events of history (p11).

So far, so good.

His goal is to examine history apart from theology. He wants to move past the theological framework to the historical situation which brought about the New Testament and, later, the Christian faith. The next chapter begins by trying to separate theological from historical statements.

Yep, so far, so good.

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