Quote of the Day: “Fear is the Loss of Assurance”

“Fear is danger tasted in advance, a quiver as the heart takes fright before unnamed calamity. Fear is loss of assurance.”

st john fear

Another author writes,

Fear is, of course, natural, but it must be controlled. To be dominated by fear is a sign of lack of faith and trust in God. Of course, there are irrational fears (phobias) of specific things. I cannot say whether such phobias are related to lack of faith, or whether they can be overcome by faith alone. But fear in general can be a very destructive and oppressive force in one’s life.

I look around and see nothing but a fearful generation. We no longer “fear fear itself” but now find fear an acceptable, pleasing, and necessary part of life. We do not fear (or reverence) God, but rather everything that goes bump in the night. We dwell in this fear, creating more of it so that we must remain afraid.

This fear will drive us to heinous things, to things terrible. Either we decide to refrain from unnatural fear or we give up any pretense of strength, courage, and reliance upon God.

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3 Replies to “Quote of the Day: “Fear is the Loss of Assurance””

  1. Well, let’s face it. Some perpetual salvation engineers delight in to keeping the pot stirred. Keeping people off balance is one way of maintaining control.

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