Quote of the Day: Divine Election vs. God’s Love

We pervert divine election when we take it out of the context of God’s love for his people and use it to speak of those outside of God’s love. Now we have the “elect” and the “nonelect.” We only end up with that latter category when we take election talk out of its biblical context as God’s love language for his people. But the “nonelect,”—or the “elect unto damnation”—isn’t a biblical category.

via Divine Election vs. God’s Love « Faith Improvised.

The entire post is great. And I hope you are subscribed a daily reader of his blog. This particular view is interesting in light of several of the books I am reading at the moment.

Also, for those in the Charleston, West Virginia area, I’ll be teaching/hosting a summer book study on Dr. Gombis’ work, ]]. I will be using this post.


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