Quote of the Day: Book PublishERS

If the companies (and the people who work for them) are going to be in this business just five years from now, they will only thrive if they understand that an entirely new business model will have to be built and understood. And it will have nothing whatsoever to do with paper. It will be about ideas.

via The biggest problem facing book publishing – The Domino Project.

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5 Replies to “Quote of the Day: Book PublishERS”

  1. gobbly gook. he just said a bunch of meaningless platitudes. the justice department lawsuit is their problem, not embracing this guys “vision”, whatever it might be.

    1. But, that doesn’t match up to your previous comment.

      Seth make a good point. Publishing is no longer just about books, but about the ideas behind those books. Content can be gained anywhere. But ideas?

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