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‎”There may well be a Baptist grasp on the biblical worldview that differs from the Presbyterian grasp and from the Lutheran grasp; there may well be an African expression of the biblical worldview that differs from the South American expression and from the Ukrainian expression. And these differences may at times be painfully real and at times worthily disputed. But they are only real and disputable differences because they are differing attempts at trying to be more Christlike in our vision of the one real world. If there is only one real Christ ruling over one real world, there is only one Christ view of that reality—the one biblical worldview.”

This is a remarkable statement, my friends, trust me. Look at the partisan divide among Christians today.


Thank God for all of the different Christian worldviews that I’ve encountered…

Oddly enough, I’ve been thinking about this, because it bothers me that I’ve not be able to express why I still contend with the folks like Copeland and yet so easily deal with liberals, progressives and conservatives. The only ‘Christian’ worldview that I cannot tolerate is the abusive one.

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