Quote of the Day, Tillich (importance of theology)

Creation of Adam ( )
Creation of Adam ( ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If taken in the broadest sense of the term, theology, the logos or the reasoning about theos (God and divine things) is as old as religion. Thinking pervades all the spiritual activities of man (sic). Man would not be spiritual without words, thoughts, and concepts.”


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5 Replies to “Quote of the Day, Tillich (importance of theology)”

  1. Great quote, but I think a Trinitrian perspective compels one to disagree. We are spiritual regardless of our intellectual capacities because God had created us that way, and the Father through the Son has redeemed us and abides with us through the Holy Spirit. To a certain extent, our life before and in God has nothing to do with our intellect or understanding.

  2. If we begin all our theology with Christology, we will never think of human intellect, will and body as non spiritual, nor any stage of human life (including infancy). For Christ recapitulates all human existence in himself.

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