Question of the Day: Would you rather vote for a Young/Old Earth Creationist?

Simple question.

Would one’s view on Creationism (Old, Young) deflect you for voting for that person for any office? (I imagine it will come up during the 2012 debate)


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3 Replies to “Question of the Day: Would you rather vote for a Young/Old Earth Creationist?”

  1. For me it would depend on that candidate’s views on teaching their particular position in the public schools. Supporting teaching of any variety of creationism in the public schools would be a very strong negative for me. Believing young earth creationism puts up a question mark, but would not, in itself, prevent my supporting the candidate.

    Right now, however, I don’t know any candidates who both believe in young earth creationism and oppose creationism in the public school classroom.

  2. I would not vote for anyone who espouses YEC (and I would hesitate to vote for anybody who espouses OEC unless done so in an evolutionary context). Regarding the former, I would be concerned by the following:

    1. the general ability of that person to reason.
    2. an increased likelihood that the person would surround themselves with advisors that pursue short term economic gain over sound policy with regards to affairs dealing with the science and/or the environment.
    3. see #1 comment
    4. Especially with regards to a higher office (Pres., congress, etc.), I would be concerned that if one believed in YEC they may also be waiting for Armageddon, the end times, etc.. The last person we need in office is one who seeks self fulfilling prophecy in this regard. As if the world isn’t already dangerous enough.

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