Question of the Day: Where do you see…

Your society in say 20 years? Try to keep it nice, but honestly, how do you see your society or political region in 20 years?

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5 Replies to “Question of the Day: Where do you see…”

  1. Well, if I am alive in 20 years? Since I am 60, unless there is a renewal and biblical revival in the English speaking world, it does not look good! I can remember a culture that was somewhat Judeo-Christian, manners and society that were much different than today. We have lost our way to the worst kind of personal and even intellectual narcissism. I say this sadly, but it is true!

    Our only hope is unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Lord! Both social and ethical, and always theological. May God raise up men and women again to this place and greatness! Regeneration, Regeneration, Regeneration!

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