Question of the Day: Where do you go to Church

It seems to be a private thing, but where do you call your church home? Why?

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21 Replies to “Question of the Day: Where do you go to Church”

  1. More Life Church…..Because… they made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door.The people there are so nice and welcoming.The Pastor teaches from the Bible,and that is what I was looking for! Not one to stand up there and put you down because you didn't give enough,or stand up there and praise himself like I have seen other Churches.Sorry dude I'm not there to praise you!!

  2. Calvary Chapel because everyone is genuine and friendly, and there is a strong community. It is a Freewill Baptist church, and I am not baptist, but we are close enough (~95%) for it to not be an issue.

  3. Hillsong, Baulkham Hills, Sydney. When I had some major problems a couple of years ago they made me feel welcome, and asked for nothing in return, and I have been able to find some real friends that I wasn't able to find at other churches.

    For a while I was reluctant to tell people I went to Hillsong. I didn't know what the reaction would be. I'm now happy to tell people where I go to church. I love the place because of the people and their love of Jesus. There are some things at Hillsong I don't agree with, but they are less than what I ended up disagreeing with at my previous church.

  4. Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA) has a simple mission statement that every member embraces: For God's glory, we are committed to equiping Christians to worship God and to reach Birmingham (AL) to reach the world for Christ.

    And to help hurtinng churches around the world, here is a major ministry of this body of believers:

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  5. No where, just home and work and wherever I am… praise him ,not in a just a building made with hands, where one guy says the same thing every sunday and wednesday over and over to the same people, that think that is the only place to serve God and worship him…

  6. Deb, Mark is an outstanding man. Further, even Paul allowed to ministers to be 'taken care' of. I do not believe that that means he is to rip the congregation off either.

  7. Deb, Mark is an outstanding man. Further, even Paul allowed to ministers to be 'taken care' of. I do not believe that that means he is to rip the congregation off either.

  8. It's funny that you should mention that, Deb. In my previous congregation, like clockwork, the pastor would preach the same messages for Christmas, Easter and other certain holidays. One lay minister would, regardless how he started off, end the exact same way. Another minister….well, Deb, no one really knew what he was talking about anyway….

  9. I don't like hearing the same sermon twice. At a conference I attended in June the second talk on the first morning was a sermon I had heard at church two days earlier, then the afternoon talk was a sermon I had heard at church two weeks earlier. After that I changed streams for the rest of the conference to make sure I would be listening to original material and getting more out if it.

  10. Don't get me wrong – sometimes the same sermon can be used, but I am against preachers having a set series of sermons which they repeat over and over and over and over again because they are just too lazy….

  11. Yes, as most ministers have that as their full-time job, they rightly need to be paid appropriately. Catholic priests who are obliged to live frugally are paid a modest wage as they need to be able to in a lot of cases fund the expense of a car and consumables that are important parts of their ministry.

  12. I understand you, and preachers can and do use the same sermons again to different congregations, or years apart. No problem with that.

    The first example I gave was a bit different – the same sermon for some of the same people within two days.

  13. I really truly would pick the church I pastor, Columbia Heights Assembly of God. They are incredible people who passionately love God and love one another.

  14. I know what you are saying,I have seen “Pastors” that seem to have plenty,beg for more, and some that get nice trips and cruises ,when some in the congregation go hungry,and have nothing, It just isn't right. and don't start on the “TV evangelist.LOL..I will look for a church to attend…

  15. Deb, you are more than correct. Then you have pastors who take your tithes and offerings and tell you that they aren't being paid, and end up with new home, cars, and RV's!!!!

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