Question of the Day: What System Am I Describing

Thought we might try something different today:

I want a community in which the workers all work for the owners thereof. There are no elected officials, no courts, no police system, nothing. Either you work for what the community gives you and in what conditions the community provides, or you are expelled from the community. All goods and services are owned by the community. Even your homes and businesses. There will businesses, by the prices are controlled by the central governing board of the community and generally in tandem with the salaries. Do you want a car? The community will sell you one. Need a pay-day loan? No problem. Because you are working, we know you are good for it. Of course, the community will have its own credit chits, which you must use at community businesses and are invalid in any other community.

Now, there will be taxes of sorts, which is a flat tax. Everyone pays the same amount, regardless if you work or not. Since you are paid based on how much you work, if you don’t work, you don’t get money. But, as I said earlier, if you had a slow week, and you needed money to pay the tax, the community will loan it to you.

On the plus side, one of the finest education systems in the world would be given to you, free of charge. Your children will be able to go from primary to secondary (stopping at high school) education with nothing out-of-pocket from you. They will be given access to some of the best trained teachers produced today.

Further, you and your family’s health care are provided by doctors provided by the community. That’s right, no taxes, nothing. You have free access to those doctors.

And churches? You betcha! The community will provide an approved church, with a minister approved by the central governing board. To be sure, this minister will be well-educated and provide encouragement to the faithful and will be on call day and night to meet your spiritual needs. Now, other ministers will be allowed to serve, as long as they didn’t say anything negative about the community.

Further, the community will be provided entertainment, generally for next to nothing in prices. You will have ball fields, and things that go with it. Leagues will be organized as well from among the workers. Theaters and dance halls will be set up. Playgrounds too.

There are two things, however, which you cannot do. One – you cannot speak negative about the community, the working conditions, pay, etc… Two – you have to work regardless, and it is the community which sets the standards of working – days, nights, conditions, jobs, who is and who ain’t working. That sorta thing. And if you have any questions, see above.

Can anyone tell me what sort of economic system I am writing about?

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21 Replies to “Question of the Day: What System Am I Describing”

  1. Norway also has some elements of this – like a state church – but their taxation is progressive. China has too much free market to qualify. North Korea has no state provided church. This is an interesting question, but I gotta get some work done. Russia has a flat tax, a statish church, a good education system, and you gotta keep your mouth shut, but I don’t think they are communal anymore. There are a number of smallish countries to examine, like Albania which has a flat tax.

  2. It’s some sort of communism, but not quite like any I can think of off the top of my head. And if there are no police, who are the enforcers? Some sort of brown-shirt “community” group? And this repeated ominous word, “the community.” I don’t like it. Not one bit.

    1. All –

      Actually, it is the company town found in the coal fields of Appalachia (perhaps as well the timber towns in Louisiana and other various places), in the United States, which existed until the 1970’s. There was no State-control (Federal or otherwise) of the company town which operated on its own monetary system, ‘policed’ itself early own (although this would give way to other enforcement units). The only recourse for disagreement was to quit and leave town with what you could carry.

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