Question of the Day: What Doctrines Need to be Redefined?

Say I’m writing a book and I wanted to talk about what Christian doctrines (v. dogmas or ethics) need to be redefined for the modern century in light of science and other relevant facts, such as biblical studies and an appreciation (by even Protestants) of the Church Fathers.

For instance, the theodicy, inerrancy, and the doctrine of the separation of God and Creation.

What doctrines do you think should be re-examined in light of relevant data?

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7 Replies to “Question of the Day: What Doctrines Need to be Redefined?”

  1. My choice, in no specific order, would be:
    1. The disestablishment of Christendom, ie, The kingdom of God, rather then the Empire of God
    2. The Trinity, a revised view.
    3. The necessity of Sola Scriptura, Sola fide, Sola Gratia, etc.
    4. Christian anthropology, or Christain view of man
    5. Theodicy but not on the light of Western philosophy but social sciences.
    6. The Imagio Dei, the image of God or how God is presented.

  2. The principal problem with Christianity is that it became fossilized in the post-Darwinian era. Thus, much like a man affixed to a cross, the once radical and vibrant religion is unable to breath and is slowly dying.

      1. For whatever reasons when I tried to post, I received over half a dozen error messages. In fact, I did not realize that my reply had posted until I read the reply to which I am responding. With that said, I am glad that we agree.

  3. Original Sin and the Fall of Man. What is the symbolism of Genesis 3 meant to convey? Was The Fall a spiritual event that can be dated in pre-history or a mere evolutionary process? How does our need for a Savior relate to what it means to be human? How does “made in the image of God” relate to those who “worship the Beast and his image”? How do human origins relate to our human destiny?

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