Question of the Day: What do you struggle with?

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I’ll just be honest – I am the weakest when I am the strongest. When I feel that I am in a position of theological or historical, or otherwise strength based on factual knowledge, and someone gets something wrong – I want to use words like ‘idiot’, ‘deft’, etc… Seriously, I’ve ran across some theological arguments which makes me what to take the person by the hand and help them to completely exit reality, seeing that they only exist here for small periods of time anyway. Or those who have really, really bad history. I don’t want to come off sounding like a know-it-all, or pompous, etc… in discussions, but sometimes, I just look, shake my head inwardly, and try to offer a very neutral answer. It doesn’t always work.

But, I struggle with that. And a whole host of other ways to live my life. I don’t do the big things – you now, no murdering and pillaging for me. But, it is the small, practical theological things that I struggle with. I am quite unsure of myself in social situations, especially involving those of fellow Christians, etc…

But, what do you struggle with in your Christian or other, everyday life?

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