Question of the Day: Strangest Belief

Early this week, Jason posted a series of beliefs by a supposed fundamentalist site (Poe’s Law), but to be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference from his post which was revealed to be a pun, and from my own experience in extreme fundamentalism. So, here is the question – what is the strangest belief that you’ve examined and left by the way side on your journey? Yes, Islamic Fundamentalism has 70 virgins, but what about Christian ]]?

I’ll share – we were taught that we couldn’t wear red because the Whore of Babylon wore red, and it was a satanic color. Seriously, don’t laugh. There was the no tv rule, the no music before the 1980’s… no writing on shirt rule, etc….

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9 Replies to “Question of the Day: Strangest Belief”

  1. Baptism only in running water. After all, Jesus went to Jordan. He was also buried in a new tomb. The only way we can be buried (immersed) in a new tomb is to have the old one flow away.
    Logically, that requires running water.
    Sigh……..I’m still fighting that one down here.

  2. I experienced similar rules. One of the oddest is the women couldn’t cut their hair if they wanted their prayers to matter. If the hair was cut you lost “power with the angels”. The teaching was based on the first part of 1 Cor 11.

  3. I should add, Baptism is not a one-time-only-event. Last time I was there, a guy was being Baptized for the third time. During the reception, I loudly asked if the first two didn’t take. They always dread when I come back.

  4. No Christmas…pagan. No birthday’s…pagan. No Easter…pagan (Easter bunnies=Satan). Holy Spirit=The Force. No shellfish or pork…Leviticus. No church on Sunday…pagan (sabbatarians). I could go on and on, ~sigh~

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