Question of the Day: Open Mic

Just sound off. Politics. Religion. Atheists. You. Me. Them. They. Those. Gossip. Fact. Whatever is on your mind. Prayer requests. Thoughts? Quotes. Who knows. The most interesting might even win something.

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4 Replies to “Question of the Day: Open Mic”

  1. I really enjoyed the new Robin Hood movie.

    I saw an atheist and an apologist talk on campus for about an hour, and later found the atheist at Wendies, where he joined me in condemning the new Arizona law.

    If I had to choose buying gold or silver right now, I'd buy silver.

    “I'd like to wish you two a successful melding of familial obligations, and a smooth transition towards asset and monetary consolidation . . . What's wrong? I was just toasting them a happy marriage.” — Bones.

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