Question of the Day: Is there a biblical way to fix the debt ceiling crisis?

I know… a completely U.S. centered question…. until, you know, you realize what will happen when U.S. defaults.

But, is there a biblical way to fix it? I’m thinking that Philemon may be something, but I’m not sure. I need to develop that thought. Is there a biblical way to govern?

Anyway, sound off.

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11 Replies to “Question of the Day: Is there a biblical way to fix the debt ceiling crisis?”

  1. Joel,
    YES there is a way to fix the debt crisis. Unfortunately, honesty is the key ingredient and you aren’t getting it out of Washington.
    Funds from the US Treasury have been MOVED, STOLEN and taken off shore. I have over 5000 pages of evidence but I have failed to find help and assistance for my personal problems. My personal documentation shows exactly what the problem is…..
    I’d be willing to share a booklet of 72 pages of documentation with you that will blow your mind.
    Let me know if you are interested please.

  2. Of course there is a biblical way to fix the debt ceiling crisis…..Judges 21:25 “In those days, there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes.” So Obama needs to play the game ever lawyer plays when he defends a person he knows is guilty, play the role of a king – use the system, and assume you are right regardless. Obama may think the 14th amendment can’t be used, but he should apply it anyway. Everyone will think he is a hero (at least those people that depend on gov’t checks – which is a HUGE #). Let it be fought in the court system. By the time it reaches the Supreme Court, it will be well past 2012. And what would the Supreme Court do, overturn the decision? Retroactively declare the U.S. bankrupt, and seek to return the social security checks to the government? Nope!

  3. This question makes me think of the silliness of all the study guides to personal finance based on the bible.

    Nobody who wrote in antiquity could have imagined in their most fevered dreams anything resembling modern finance. They didn’t think anything was wrong with debtors’ prisons or buying humans. So why would we consider their views when it comes to stocks and bonds and securitization?

  4. Is there a Biblical way to govern? Yes. It’s called hereditary monarchy. No other system of national government was even discussed in the Bible. Once the Hebrew tribes settled in the holy land, the tribal patriarchal and religious leadership were subject to the king’s laws.

    1. The king was suppose to be selected by God through a prophet. In the case of Saul and David, pick both, and see who wins, and is able to kill off all the other competition. Not hereditary, unless you include the whole descendant of David thing. In the case of Saul, eliminate the priests who suppport David. In the case of Solomon, exile the priest that didn’t support you. I suppose that’s why the tribe leaders didn’t particularly want a king. Took power from them. My goodness, sounds like congress, the president, and the supreme court.

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