Question of the Day: I have the flu

More of a statement really, but has I have a fever of something nearing 147.65c, that’s what you get. When I feel that I am getting sick, I generally take some vitamin c, but when I am sick, I rush to the sofa, layer the blankets, drink a gallon of OJ, put a heater on me and sleep.

Oh, and I like to be babied and pampered. A lot.

So, when you are sick, what do you do?

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26 Replies to “Question of the Day: I have the flu”

  1. I sleep in a dark room with lots of blankets and the AC running. Sometimes I take asprin/aceteminophen/ibuprophine (or some combo). Sometimes I take niquyl. someitmes I eat. but mostly I sleep and I sweat.

  2. I usually try to trudge through the day, but usually unsuccessfully. In those cases, I lay down and do nothing. I can’t even read most times; some tv helps pass the time.

  3. Poor Polycarp, but can’t resist saying – ‘typical man’. Us girls don’t have the luxury of back to bed when we are sick 😉

    Seriously now, hope you get better soon.

  4. I was sick last week. I stayed home for three days and… um… well… played video games. At least for a few hours a day. Usually I lay down and rest when I’m sick, but this time it made my head hurt worse to lay down, so I grabbed the controller.

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