Question of the Day – Freedom of Religion

How must ‘chiding’ of your religion could you take before it drove you to the point of a physical show of anger?

And what would you do?

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3 Replies to “Question of the Day – Freedom of Religion”

  1. I’d like to think that I could take a near-endless amount before I got physical. Probably not … I’m flawed, and I know how angry I get with “I just think that God loves everybody” and “God hates fags” theology (to grab opposite sides of the spectrum).

    Still, God doesn’t need me to defend Him. He’s really good at doing that on His own. My role is to offer the Truth to people … not to punch them in the face for rejecting it.

    Sure, God has gone that route before (think Elijah). But that’s through prophets. I’m not one. Until that time, I need to remember that God told me to love my enemies, turn the other cheek, and to remember that the unsaved can’t understand what I believe. They see the world differently than I do.

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