Question of the Day: Do you find this offensive, Stoplight: Used to Be

Okay… so… some are finding this offensive…

Just look at the flippant claim central to this video. The “ex-gay” Jeff Johnston is positioned alongside the the “used to be” alcoholic (Gary Schneeberger) and “used to be” orphan (president Jim Daly), as if all three things are universally accepted struggles or hardships. Do they even realize how unbelievably offensive this is to so many people?! And not just gay people either: The idea that LGB people are in need of some sort of “redemption” is seen as deeply out-of-line by anyone who supports the credible science as it applies to our world and its spectrum of normalcy.

Rules of Engagement: All are Created in the Image of God. Remember that.

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10 Replies to “Question of the Day: Do you find this offensive, Stoplight: Used to Be”

  1. There is NO SUCH THING as someone who “USED TO BE” GAY!!!

    Homosexuality hasn’t been listed in the DSM-IV since 1973!! And even then, a cadre of conservative physicians or whatever got together to re-add it and they were voted down by an unbelievable margin–in 1973!!

    Continuing to treat homosexuality like it’s a condition that can be “cured” puts blood on the hands of all who promote this inaccurate, murderously outdated concept. So…yeah, I find that “offensive”. Particularly since I was taught that I could change the strange feelings I was having, and subsequently set out to do just that… I nearly killed myself over this!!!! I did everything right (including “letting God take control”…) and STIL failed. Can you IMAGINE what that does to a person??

    So I am OFFENDED that this man and this organization are LYING to people so horridly.

    BTW, how in the world can you “used to be” an ORPHAN!?!? Even if you’re adopted, you’re still technically an orphan… Does anyone take this church seriously!?

    These are the people giving you good folks such a horrible name…

  2. Actually I think there needs to be some nuance here… I have been involved with a ministry that helps people deal with unwanted same sex tendencies.

    Not every one who has been tempted by same sex attraction wants to embrace that lifestyle and so we do need ministry for people who are in that camp 😉

  3. I’m sorry but that is quite ignorant. The only reason someone might not want to accept who they are is because someone like you tells them it’s unnatural and wrong. And when you live in a community which embraces that same fiction, that one cannot be themselves, then of course they aren’t going to want to be themselves because that means social and psychological isolation. It doesn’t work, however, because you cannot nor should not fight what you are, or you end up doing blow off a male prostitutes body like some other repressed pastor everyone knows about.

  4. There is NO SUCH THING as “THE” gay lifestyle… I know MANY gays and very few of them have the same “lifestyle”… So to say that, Craig, is indicative of your ignorance on what it means to be a gay person in the first place.

    I love that gay people are so easily defined as a single monolithic group, while Christians seek to squeeze every ounce of nuance between denominations, sects and whatever else will make them “more Christian” than “the other people”…

    How sad for the people in your “ministry”, Craig… If you don’t already, you will unfortunately have blood on your hands when one of your poor victims comes to loathe himself so much based on your teachings that they decide the only option for them is suicide. That’s abhorrent.

  5. Actually Tom.. You know nothing about my ministry, my friendships nor testimony….so it is you who are casting aspersions and assumptions….

    I don’t care if people are gay or not. It doesn’t worry me. If you took time to look through my blog you would see that I support the idea of same sex marriage…again it doesn’t faze me in one bit. I know people who are happily gay and I also know and minister to people who have been warped in their minds because of abuse…

    Take one man whose mother dressed him like a girl, his sisters treated him like a girl and he was abused by men as a girl…it totally distorted his whole identity as a person.

    Another man was repeatedly abused as a boy into his teenage years and he entered into prostitution to feed his drug habit….

    Both of these men did not want to be gay and their sexuality was distorted because of upbringing…

    Or perhaps your going to dare say that there was nothing wrong what so ever with their identity and lifestyle….

    1. Craig–

      This is an altogether different sort of treatment than the reparative therapy to which your initial commentary alluded, and it would serve you well to appreciate the distinction between the two.

      My concern now lies in your qualifications to provide such intensive psychotherapy to such an incomprehensibly fragile set of patients. Are you a medical doctor? Are you at least a licensed clinical social worker? You can’t just undertake a “ministry” like this with only the support of your good intentions, otherwise you’re sure to do vastly more harm than good.

  6. Robert…again you are making a whole heap of assumptions about the sort of ministry I have been involved with and my initial comment that I alluded to was simply that there are people who suffer from UNWANTED same sex attraction for a variety of reasons…

    Also there is no secret that often boys and girls who are abused believe they are gay because it aroused them…and because of the shame involved many believe that they must be gay and not heterosexual.

    As for my ministry – I am neither a doctor, or shrink…but I am a chaplain who provides pastoral care, and support work for many who are going through difficult circumstances and experiences, and being there for them as they do go through professional channels…I have held the hands of people dying, I have hugged and held those whose loved ones are dying or have died…both gay and hetero…

    So again have made a whole heap of assumptions which have no bearing on the reality of what sort of ministry I do.

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