Question of the Day: (Christians) Criticizing Politicians

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From what I understand, if the politician is a Democrat, it is okay to call him or her every name in the book (Revised, 3rd edition) and allude to the fact that they either be a terrorist or a Muslim.

You know the verses, and if not, read James.

I would ask again, Does the Lord give us exemption from practicing the Scriptures when it comes to our political leaders, those who hold office, and others with whom we disagree? We are allowed to lay aside the Golden Rule? Do James’ and Paul’s and Jesus’ words regarding our speech and our enemies no longer apply when discussing those whom we disagree with politically? As James says, “This should not be so!”

So does it? There is nothing wrong in speaking the truth, but does it need to be done with vileness? Look at our discourses today – political, religious, etc… – is there anything civil anymore?

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7 Replies to “Question of the Day: (Christians) Criticizing Politicians”

  1. Now, how does this fit in with your next post on the poker thing? Is everything alright as long as you just don’t call names?

    1. I didn’t post it. I haven’t read it.

      Okay, I’ve read it now. I don’t see a problem with stating the truth, but surely we can do so in a civil way. The poor woman obliviously does view God as a sort of slot machine. I am not going to call her names, but try to show her what her view makes of God.

  2. There’s a place for disagreement, and even ridicule, without spite or personal attack. I just wish we were all better at finding that edgy balance between staying too silent and saying too much.

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