#QOTD, A Faith Community as expression of God’s Trinity

Trinity (comic book)
Trinity (comic book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is in relationship to imago Dei. I’m not convinced that total or even a heavily leaning individualism, either in secular or sectarianism, is beneficial to human flourishing.

The image of God does not lie in the individual life per se but in the relationality of persons in community. The relational life of God who is triune comes to representation in the communal fellowship of the participants in the new humanity – Grenz, The Social God and the Relational Self, 305

One of the fundamental revelations the Trinity gives us is the aspect of God in/as community. Oneness/modalism misses this aspect and in a way, this deficit leads them to seeing themselves as unique in such a way as to divide rather than unite. One of the things we lack in teaching the Trinity is the foundation for the necessity of community.

If God is community, and we are the Body of Christ, then we must be communal by our spiritual nature.

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