Public Defender, Defend Thyself

Charleston police arrested Kanawha County Public Defender Steve Conifer Wednesday afternoon after searching his apartment last week and seizing several computer hard drives believed to contain child pornography.

A detective from the Asbury Park Police Department in New Jersey told Charleston Police that Conifer had been using the screen name “derekscarbor93” in online chats with a man from that town. He told the man, according to brief snippets in the chat log, that he could provide him with children as young as 5 years old for sex.

via Police arrest public defender in child prostitution case¬† – News – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –.

Ugh… Really?

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4 Replies to “Public Defender, Defend Thyself”

  1. Charleston Police say they are linking lewd messages and pictures with an IP address, but experts say it’s possible a hacker could have done it remotely. i think the police and the experts need to shut up and quit talking to the media so much and conduct their investigation. It seems that this investigation was in danger of being botched right from the beginning if these allegations are true then justice needs to follow swiftly!

  2. he was totally framed. and, actually, it’s completely my fault. how he managed to keep me from getting beat, jailed, or god knows what…I don’t know. He always was a bit of a, well, freakin’ genius.

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