Psalm Singing for Today? The Sons of Korah and Psalm 148

Since I started this blog and entered into the world that I inhabit, I have been interested in Psalm singing instead of the massive amount of hymns and music, mainly wall music, sung in today’s congregations. I mean, if we are looking for a track record, the Psalms have been sung for a few millennium, giving comfort to an unknown number.

Because of a comment left here, I have discovered a group, the Sons of Korah, which sings Psalms, although perhaps not in the traditional style.

I’ve noted my grappling with Psalm 148:

And of course, Psalm 137:

Anyway, you can find a few of their videos on, and the website above, you can download their songs (for a fee, of course.

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4 Replies to “Psalm Singing for Today? The Sons of Korah and Psalm 148”

  1. Beautiful , what singing to the lord was meant to be and well, maybe the music, but very nice.. the words…not all this me, me, stuff we hear,now… singing naturally to the him the praise, not man…

  2. Deb, I completely agree. I the more I listen to the Sons of Korah, the more I like them. Unfortunately, the cds are expensive and not readily available over here yet.

    This music has been sung for generations and frankly, it is God-breathed.

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