Protestants needs Apostolic Succession

So what is the solution? After all, we are Protestants. We don’t have any formal structure or approval process to hold us accountable. There is no one who signs the checks for Evangelicals. Therefore, aren’t we sleeping in the bed we made? While I don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution, I don’t really think that the outlook needs to be so grim. I simply believe that we need to think deeply about these issues. There is a way that we can keep ordination “organic,” yet insure that we are not ordaining unqualified hounds.

via Rethinking Ordination and Apostolic Succession | Parchment and Pen.

You just have to read it, but I agree.

So often, people pick up the title “Rev” as if it is a grab bag at the local comic book shop…

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  1. Apostolic succession is to do with the apostolic nature of the church. The earliest community is defined in Acts.2:42 as having 4 key characteristics: sharing the apostles’ teaching; fellowship; the breaking of bread; prayers. Any Christian community which has those characteristics is therefore apostolic, and therefore in succession to the apostles. It doesn’t need the mechanical tactile succession of the historic episcopate, or even the tradition of the historic creeds: all churches, mainstream, protestant, catholic, monophysite, non-denominational, which have those characteristics are by the power of the Spirit in apostolic succession. So there!

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