“President Newt Gingrich” #NSFA – Not Safe for America

As you know by now… Newt Gingrich as won the South Carolina Republican Primary. Only about 7% of South Carolinians voted in this primary. This is pitiful. Sad. This is why we cannot do much in this country.

I love this little pic:

Imagine if we voted like we whined?

Anyway… tonight, the party that has preached family values and the moral character of a candidate simply turned a hypocritical eye and, at least in South Carolina, voted for Newt Gingrich who has used every known card in the past few weeks to gin up votes for himself. As Jim notes, this is, well, actions of reprobates. As Tim noted earlier this week, a worldview matters. I agree… Brian is questioning whether or not a candidate’s sexual ethics should play a part in our choosing of them. Newt’s ethics, which are none, relies on one simple principle: What is best for him. He is like a baby, in that what he wants, he must have. He uses things to get other things. While indiscretions are one thing, for Newt, there is a solid pattern seen in his life. He ditches what is no longer desirable to him, and seeks to trade up, even if that means breaking some of the most sacred vows that one can take. There is a difference between humans being humans and a man who has built his entire life on the use and abuse of others to profit himself.

By the way, look at Bob’s post.

There are two Republican candidates which I wish could have been in South Carolina. One is Jon Huntsman while the other is Mitch Daniels. I’m not going to pretend that I am a Republican in any way, but I believe that in a contest between the current President and any of those two, the United States would win.

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8 Replies to ““President Newt Gingrich” #NSFA – Not Safe for America”

  1. “The New Testament is particularly clear that remarriages following divorce are, except under the narrowest circumstances, invalid and adulterous.” –Glenn Greenwald

    This is absolutely correct, these remarriages are invalid and adulterous–Jesus said so. Remarriage is not a matter to be forgiven, it is a matter of being in a marriage that is invalid to God—like Newt Gingrich, who claims to be a Catholic.

    The Pope’s recent comments addressing the issue of divorce and remarriage pertain to all of us–Catholic or not–because they are straight from the Word of God.

    Pope Benedict warned the bishops of the “irregular and dangerous situation” of divorced and remarried Catholics.

    “Only the first marriage exists,” he said, “there is no husband and wife in a second marriage, rather they are a man and woman living in adultery.”

    Why are some pastors so afraid to tell the people the truth?

    God will not join people to a second spouse after a “no fault divorce.” His Word makes that clear.

    “I require and charge you both, as you will answer at the dreadful day
    of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that
    if either of you know any impediment, why you may not be lawfully
    joined together in Holy Matrimony, you do now confess it. For be you well
    assured, that if any persons are joined together other then what God allows,
    are not joined together by God, neither is their marriage lawful.”
    — The Book of Common Prayer

    Because remarrying after a divorce constitutes adultery, we must ask ourselves, who are we committing adultery against if we are no longer married?

    If a divorce makes us single why are we committing adultery after a divorce?

    If we have no spouse after a divorce then who are we committing adultery against?

    The answer is obvious–we still have a spouse after a divorce and that is why Jesus calls remarriage ADULTERY! Marriage is binding for life!

    Newt Gingrich is currently living in adultery with a woman that God does not recognize as his lawful wife!


  2. “There is, to be sure, forgiveness for those who have committed adultery, divorced, and remarried.

    But there is forgiveness only in the way of repentance. And true repentance never goes on happily in the sin repented of (i.e. sleeping with another man’s wife) but rather breaks with the sin, whatever the cost…

    Grace calls and empowers the forgiven sinner to walk in holiness of life. The divorced man may not remarry. Grace will enable him to live a single life.

    Grace calls those who are already remarried to stop living in that state that Jesus describes in Matthew 19:9, Mark 10:11-12 and Luke 16:18 as CONTINUAL ADULTERY.

    Grace will enable the repentant, pardoned adulterer and adulteress to do this. It is the very nature of the grace of repentance itself that the sinner breaks with the sin that he sorrows over and confesses. The penitent brings forth works worthy of repentance.

    Only this repentance is genuine. Only this repentance finds forgiveness with God, regardless of what the churches may say.” –Professor David Engelsma


  3. No one can say that they are free after a divorce because Jesus charges them with adultery AFTER they have obtained their divorce.

    Jesus said we can still commit adultery after a divorce–but the divorce papers say–“we are no longer married”—those divorce papers are lying to us. God does NOT recognize divorce as ending a first marriage. This is proven in Scripture.

    Jesus said you will be committing adultery while on a honeymoon with a “new person” after a divorce and a remarriage ceremony. If you are committing adultery AFTER a divorce and remarriage ceremony your divorce did NOT work (it did not end your marriage). Most people refuse to accept the TRUTH.

    If you can commit adultery on your spouse AFTER you divorced them–the divorce failed to do something…it failed to DISSOLVE YOUR MARRIAGE!

    A marriage covenant lasts until the death of one of the spouses according to God. People would never even go to the courthouse to obtain a divorce certificate if they knew the truth. Those divorce papers do not end their marriage. The papers say the “State of Colorado” has dissolved the marriage–NOT GOD!

    God says, “A wife is married to her husband as long as he lives.” 1 Corinthians 7:39

    Jesus said if you get a divorce and then remarry you will be committing adultery with this new person AFTER you marry them. AFTER you marry them!

    Divorce papers do not dissolve the marriage in Gods sight if He is charging you with adultery AFTER you obtained your divorce. Those papers did not make you single again. Remarried people are committing adultery with each other…Jesus said that!

    A REAL husband and wife cannot commit adultery with each other. That is why this is NOT your spouse. Jesus was saying you are not free AFTER a divorce. Divorced people are not eligible for remarriage because they are still married according to God. There is just no way around it. The church today is afraid to tell people what Jesus said.

    Jesus calls remarried sex–ADULTERY. Why would anyone believe that new person is “their spouse in God’s eyes” if God says you are committing adultery with them?

    Jesus said they are committing adultery AFTER they had their remarriage ceremony so how could that person possibly be their spouse? They were remarried by “the state” not by God.

    No one reads their Bible–they listen to pastors tell them God forgives them and they do not have to give up their adultery partner, their so called “new spouse.” If Jesus says you are committing adultery with this “new spouse” how can you claim that this is your lawful spouse in the eyes of God?

    We need to stop listening to everyone around us and listen to Jesus. Divorced people have no right to remarriage. Their divorce did not make them single.

    The ONLY people in the Bible who commit adultery when they marry are divorced people, not single people, not widowed people, ONLY divorced people!

    Why is that?

    They are NOT FREE to marry. Their divorce did not make them FREE because they are committing adultery AFTER a divorce, like Jesus said.

    Most people won’t flee this kind of adultery because they have been deceived by many people to stay in it even though God’s Word is clear. They are living in Adultery.

    Remarriage is the greatest DECEPTION of our time.


  4. Not sure where the 7% turnout came from. The 600,000+ votes was 21+% of registered voters and about 13.5% of the total population. At any rate I think maybe a lot of the voters should have stayed home based on some election exit poll questions that have been answered and reported. Just heard these and can’t verify the truth of the matter.

  5. Legally he is not, but morally he is, according to Jesus!

    But Newt will make a Great Clown/President, just like the 3 Stooges before him. Willie Wonka Clinton had a problem with his zipper, “Hic” Bush was a Draft Dodger, just like Newt & “Mum, where was I born” Obama & Newt are Blood-Brothers when it comes to “telling the truth”!

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