President and CEO Franklin Graham speaks for God

The moral issues to me are so important as a Christian, for a candidate to actually oppose God’s standard and then to vote for that person, you are compromising, you are joining in with them. So for me, I just have to draw the line in the sand, I’m not going to support a candidate that supports abortion and same-sex marriage, I will not do it. Unfortunately, you know the President is a nice guy, but I cannot vote for him because of these issues that go against God’s law and against His standard.

via Franklin Graham Cautions Christians that Voting for Obama would be ‘Compromising’ their Faith |

Obviously… I mean he isn’t speaking as an American, in a Republic – a system of Government founded upon pluralistic, equalizing laws which did not cater to any one religious deity…

I fully expect that this election cycle with be akin to a religious war (hopefully, without the bloodshed)

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  1. But it’s ok to support a candidate whose policies will oppress the widows, orphans, and foreigners residing in the land, as well as be pro life (except for that death penalty thing).

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