Preaching on Romans 13 this Sunday

Our night service has been working through the book of Romans and I have had the pleasure of being invited to preach this Sunday night. The text is Romans 13 and I am presenting the text as a method of Paul having successfully pulled down the prideful nationalistic mindsets of both the Jews and the Gentiles in the previous chapters.

As to Romans 13, I am presenting that the first paragraph is a reminder to the Jews that God has instigated Gentile leadership / government and to truly honour God one must obey the government, and that this obedience constitutes the act of love. He then reminds the Gentiles that God instituted the 10 commandments to the Jewish nation and that these laws also were laws of love to be put into practice.

Finally he wraps it up by saying – stop your petty jealousies and name-calling and clothe yourselves in Christ, grounding yourself in love.


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