Pre-Exegetical Thoughts on 1st Peter 2.1-10

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We have another paper due at the end of the semester. I will be working on 1st Peter 2.1-10. The assignment this week was to look at four different translations.

There are a few verses in this passage which, read across the several translations, differ where I believe a significant means lies. In verse 5, the NAB and the RSV allow that the community must allow itself to be built upon into the people of God whereas the TNIV and the NASB indicates that the action is passage and a continuing process. While I am sure that the discussion of ‘works righteousness’ doesn’t include this detail, it might should. Further, the translation of the phrase δὲ θεῷ ἐκλεκτὸν ἔντιμον is mixed. The NAB has ‘but chosen and precious in the sight of God’. The RSV is similar with ‘but in God’s sight chosen and precious. The TNIC follows the NASB, but the NASB has ‘is choice and precious in the sight of God.’ Was Christ chosen or is he the choicest among God’s creation?

Verse 6 is a minor issue, with the TNIV disagreeing against the other translations by using ‘trust’ versus ‘believe’. Verse 8 is the same way, with the TNIV using ‘message’ instead of ‘word.’ Verse 9 is a of a particular importance to me, as with the KJV many still quote the ‘peculiar people’ bit and allow present day understandings to affect the meaning of Scripture. I am unsure if I like any of the translations as present, but the NASB comes the closest to how I interpret the passage personally. I further think that verse 10 is ‘right’ only in the NAB which allows the quote to come out with the grammatical changes needed to make the sentence flow.

I am interested to seeing which version of the Hebrew Scriptures the author of 1st Peter was using, whether the LXX or the Hebrew itself. This is important in verse 10, especially. Verses 4-5 is another point of investigation. Do we have to work towards that holy priesthood and was Christ chosen?

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3 Replies to “Pre-Exegetical Thoughts on 1st Peter 2.1-10”

  1. ” Was Christ chosen or is he the choicest among God’s creation? ”

    Hi Joel,

    Jesus is the chosen one, the true elect. If as a tree planted by God.His very own First Fruit – precious in His sight. All the branches were elect, but chosen in HIM. As such they are ‘ a kind of first fruits ‘ onto God ( James 1:18) REB.

    Not absolutely certain of this. i think that ‘ creation or the creation ‘ at least in some passages may refer to the people Israel and by extension non Jews – the wild branches (elected) and grafted into the one Tree (Jesus)


    1. I think that the text may lend itself, here, to both, but I cannot comment until I fully explore this passage in the Greek. Considering the manifold meetings of ‘chosen’ even if Jesus was Chosen, that doesn’t take away from his divinity. Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. Hey Joel,

    No,nothing takes away from Jesus’ deity, divinity/nature or his humanity (Col 2:9)

    My thoughts were in the direction of John 15:1-6 Jesus’ own words.

    And those of Paul in his letter to the Romans. Israel and gentiles both – grafted in to Jesus ‘ the olive tree ‘ 11:13,16-24


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