Poverty is created


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5 Replies to “Poverty is created”

  1. It might be of interest if this gentleman would define just what economic system he would support. Negative statements seldom achieve advancement unless supported by positive recommendations. If the truth could be determined I suspect the average person on this earth is better off than ever in history. Just look at photos of large collections of people all over the world 100 years or so ago.

    1. I’m not sure what system is best. I’m not sure any system is best, just ‘getting better.’ I tend to believe in the old philosophy of the limited good.

  2. Mr. Pete Joseph is right on target. The major force behind the development of capitalism has been greed. Social concern has been required in one form or another to ensure a concomitant implementation of social justice.
    We have been blessed that our system has allowed the growth of both capitalistic enterprise and the protection of the rights of all individuals. The resolution of this dialectic came about due to a large part to the sacrificial lives of many righteous individuals, not by wishful thinking.
    The American system may be the best so far, but it has not been easy for one moment. Thus, it has a lot to improve.

  3. I’ve long been struck by the fact that Cain’s excuse to God in Genesis is “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    If you spend a moment and unpack that, he’s pretending to have no idea where his brother is because it’s not his job to care for him … when the truth is that he committed murder.

    We tend to say that global poverty isn’t our problem or our responsibility. I think that it’s possible that we’re missing one of the points of the story.

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