It has been shared in numerous venues, but Father Puech, a research giant in the Dead Sea Scrolls and latest victim of the Simcha propaganda machine, is now retracting much of his previously aired statements in support of the so-called Jonah fish. Fr. Puech has gone so far as to say he was abused by Simcha. If you have seen the video, and there is no reason to post it once again, then you will have noticed the reproduction was not what the actual pictures showed. Thus, the Professor was lulled into a common trap — the presenter gives only the evidence followed by subtle suggestions so that the respondent is left with but one simple choice.

I would wager heavily that had Puech dismissed Simcha’s claims, we would not have seen the video at all. But, that is in the past now.

Fr. Puech was visited by someone he thought was Noam, but then introduced to Simcha. Of course, he was called for an interview on his area of expertise, and then surprised with this.

I am ashamed to have been abused by the Simcha Jacobici film and by the exploitation of the interview they did. Simcha never presented himself by his name before the inerview; I was called by Noam for an interview first on the Dead sea Scrolls, with that addition in two different occasions.

For now, the professor maintains with a guarded edge a reading of Jonah, but I suspect when he sees the evidence, he will retract.

And this follows neatly the revelations by Daniel McClellan and Tom Verenna about certain word games and uncited changes. This hasn’t stopped Simcha from still posing as a legitimate (co-)director of an archeological dig. Remember, you can buy this position but it is more like an ex officio position than anything requiring work.


Dr. Mark Goodacre as asked for Simcha to apologize.

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