Pope Creates Philosophical Bridge between Science and Theology

Pope Benedict XVI launched a new foundation at the Vatican aimed at building a “philosophical bridge” between science and theology.

“I don’t think most people necessarily see science and faith as being opposed but I do think there is confusion as to where to put faith and where to put science in their life,” said executive director Father Tomasz Trafny.

“So the question for us is how to offer a coherent vision of society, culture and the human being to people who would like to understand where to put these dimensions – the spiritual and religious and the scientific,” he told CNA on Jan. 19. here.

I think it’s there… read a few of ’em and see how philosophical that these people get when discussing the origins of the Universe…

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  1. Finally some good news. It’s great to see that Pope Benedict XVI is working on forging positive relationships with these two disciplines. Though I for some reason was under the impression that the Pope already ran a program like this, isn’t Stephen Hawking his scientific advisor or something. Well anyway, I look forward to hearing more about this program.

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