Political Roundtable Question #7 – Jobs

What are the key policies that should be implemented in order to jobs? As always, feel free to compare your ideas to those of the candidates. (here)

My answers are these:

  • Corporations should be limited in size and reach. By breaking up Ma Bell, jobs and new opportunities were created.
  • Curtail money-manipulators… I’m looking at you China.
  • Policies should help to level the playing field without picking winners and losers.
  • End the free trade agreements.
  • Increase infrastructure spending – Now, this is the tricky part. This needs to be done whether everyone is employed or not. We are facing a growing debt in infrastructure maintenance. This, contrary to my libertarian friends, is a government responsibility. We have to have a solid interstate system, ports, bridges, electrical grids. As a matter of fact, we need to reduce our dependency upon the grid system for electricity. Create a new public works program that will insure a high-speed rail connecting America’s largest cities. Get rid of aging grids. Clean up dirty ports.
  • Increase the tax rate on the top bracket, but give incentives for American jobs.
  • Bring home the troops and station them in the United States. Stop supporting other economies.

What is the overarching premise here? It is to give the American entrepreneur a level playing field to engage with those who are already heavily invested and with countries that aim to protect their businesses to the detriment of ours. More entrepreneurs; more workers.

The infrastructure will not only increase jobs, but will increase the access to those jobs. Imagine getting on a train in Charleston,WV and being in D.C. in under two hours. But, more than that – imagine the end of the expansive grids, the loss of energy due to those grids, and the jobs created to get us off of the grid.

That’s me. See the rest here: Elgin HusbeckBob Cornwall, Allan Bevere, and Arthur Sido.

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