*political post: The Kucinich Plan

There was a reason that the founding fathers didn’t care much for a standing army, well, several… and one them is that fact that it saps the money.

Dennis Kucinich has a plan to get us out of debt:

“Here is what we should do to avoid default – increase the debt ceiling with no strings attached.”

“Here is how to get out of debt. End the war; save one trillion over ten years. Repeal tax cuts to the wealthy; save another trillion.”

“Medicare for All: end the four hundred billion yearly subsidies for the health insurance industry.”

“Renegotiate trade agreements with workers rights, human rights, and environmental quality principles- save millions of jobs and billions of dollars.”

“The Fed creates money out of nothing and gives it to banks. Why should our country go into debt, borrowing money from banks when we have the constitutional power to create money and invest in jobs?”

“We can have another New Deal where we put millions to work rebuilding our bridges and transportation system.”

“We can have a Works Green Administration where NASA is the incubator of jobs designing and engineering wind and solar micro technologies for private sector manufacturing, distribution, installation and maintenance in millions of homes, saving money and energy and protecting the environment.”

“We are the United States of America, the greatest country on earth. We envision wealth. We don’t default. We create wealth. We don’t default. We build wealth. We don’t default.”


I find it Christian… for the most part…

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9 Replies to “*political post: The Kucinich Plan”

  1. Kuciinich is OK with me. I wish he’d run for president. Anyone that is a vegetarian and against the war gets my vote. Only thing is, he needs to move to the west coast (Washington State.) He is incompatible with Ohio. BTW – I realize he has no chance for his plan to pass or to be president. Profit and Wall Street rules. Until, of course, all manufacturing resides in China. At that point, see if the big business CEO’s get their multimillion yen bonuses.

  2. and dont forget, he also believes in UFO’s and recently tried to see the Congressional cafeteria over some dental work. That did not pan out for him. His whole statement is nebulous and without any real substance. Just ending the war is not enough. You want to reduce the deficiet, got to cut a little of everything, including federal employees. Those religious people who were arrested for demanding that no social programs be cut, were ignorant of econmics.

    1. I guess I’ll have to look up what Kuninich believes concerning UFO’s. If he believes in the literal interpretation of UFO’s, that is Unidentified Flying Objects, no problem what so ever. Even the military believes that some objects that have been observed, are unidentified 🙂 Having worked in the military in IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), one of the categories in air warfare is “unknown”, along with friend, foe, neutral, etc. Now, you wouldn’t want to disagree with them, would you. But if you tell me Kuninich believes that the UFO’s are from another planet/solar system, etc, then I might have issue with him.

  3. i met: “sue the congressional cafeteria”. But, he is essentially saying that print all the money you want, Displace private contractors from road and bridge jobs who generally pay decent with unemployed people at a fraction of the costs. Is that fair? And he is saying that NASA should go into green tech? The federal govt? Really. Now, which is better, private compan that has to watch the bottom line and be efficient of
    r the Federal govt that can print as. uch money as it needs and not care about the cost?

  4. Assuming you are correct about private competition, which I would disagree with, at least to a large extent, the Federal govt is not the entity to lead this. If any thing, Kucinich’s plan would only make this worse.

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