Points with the KJVO

First, from Brian,

PEOPLE LISTEN the niv and all other bibles are not the true translation only the kjv bible is the true bible don’t be decieved by the devil because the antichrist is comming to decieve you. The end is comming soon. The nniv as it is called is going to be worse not corrected. Zoldermens is making up storys it is man made. That is why there are so many bibles comming out. They aren’t the true bible. Any church that uses anything but the kjv bible is teaching the wrong thing. This was predicted in the kjv bible 2Timothy 4. Look for yourself.

Well, not really him, but one of his fly by commentators…

Then Rick, who blogs here, has been discussing several standard KJVO viewpoints…

HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) « Better Bibles Blog.

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6 Replies to “Points with the KJVO”

  1. I understand that most modern translations of the OT include the Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts, which are about 900 years earlier than the manuscripts used for the OT in the KJV. And that modern NT translations also use older manuscripts than those used for the NT in the KJV. Would this be right?

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