Piers Morgan is a moron

“My point to you about gay rights for example – it’s time for an amendment to the Bible,” Morgan told Warren. “You should compile a new Bible.”

via CNN’s Piers Morgan Says Bible is ‘Flawed’ | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes.

I’m not sure he understands “the bible” or the “Constitution” too well, but comparing the two should have him liked by the wing nuts.

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9 Replies to “Piers Morgan is a moron”

  1. Have you seen the petition to get him expelled from the U.S.? In response the Brits have started their own petition, demanding that you yanks keep him — the Brits don’t want him back.

    I thought decrepit old Larry King was bad but Morgan’s show is even more boring. I hadn’t thought that possible until I’d seen it with my own eyes.

  2. I like him. He’s an entertainer, not an investigative reporter. Same for Larry King. You watch them to be entertained, not for deep theological meaning of life. Or academics. Like Larry King. Anyone that’s been married that much, each time with a younger wife, and has a kid when he’s about 90 (like Abraham), can’t be good at giving life lessons. But he’s entertaining.

  3. Osteen on Morgan’s show:

    “Well Peers, I don’t know much about that. I’m not an expert on that. I just believe in God’s Word . . .”

    Blah, blah, blah. Same non-answer to every question.

    Then there’s the boring magician with the pony tail, giving us his boring opinions. Encouraged by Morgan to think he’s saying something profound. And boring Rick Warren, the poor man’s excuse for a theologian. And boring so and so and so and so and so and so. Not a single guest who’s truly expert in anything or particularly insightful or wise about anything. Just the Cult of the (boring) Personality.

    It’s like watching paint dry.

  4. This is old, but worth mentioning. Piers Morgan is a moron? He interviewed Alex Jones, a radio talk show host, American (I assume), NRA flunky, and totally insane. I vote to put him in an insane asylum. He has guns? This clearly shows there is no such thing as gun control, because Alex Jones needs to be deported to Iraq. There, he can get all the AK-47’s he wants, and shoot however he wants. Just that he’ll find that the targets shoot back.

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