Picking up on the New Apostolic Reformation

First, read this nice little essay on the New Apostolic Reformation, led by C. Peter Wagner. Personally, this is nothing that hasn’t been said before, but it is getting traction:

“Prior to 9/11, the Taliban government in Afghanistan did not register very much on American radar screens, with one notable exception: when it blew up two colossal images of the Buddha in Bamiyan province in early 2001. But destruction of treasured artifacts isn’t just limited to the Taliban. There’s a right-wing politico-religious presence centred in the US, but with a global reach, engaging in similar practises, destroying religious and cultural artifacts as a key aspect of its ideology of “strategic level spiritual warfare” (SLSW). Until recently a fringe evangelical movement, warned against as deviant, “spiritual warfare” is rapidly positioning itself within America’s mainstream political right. It’s well past time for political journalists to start covering what this movement is up to.” (From Al-Jazeera)

Jason is not being an alarmist in my opinion, but has some interesting thoughts.

Yes, they are real. yes, they are dangerous. Yes, some of their actions are essentially ‘magical.’

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4 Replies to “Picking up on the New Apostolic Reformation”

  1. Ha! Al-Jazeera quoting Michael Reid! I think that’s enough proof that they don’t know what they are talking about. They don’t even know that Reid’s sex scandal was heterosexual.

    But I know there are enough Christians out there who won’t listen to their good Christian brothers and sisters’ presentation of this message about spiritual warfare, but only to how Muslim fundamentalists and disgraced adulterers distort it.

    1. One more thought… if a sex scandal disqualified someone from speaking out… then so long Bob Jones, Todd Bentley…. etc….

      Also, what evidence of Muslim fundamentalism do you see in this story?

      1. Al-Jazeera is best known as the mouthpiece of Al-Qaeda, and is certainly associated with Islamic fundamentalism even if not entirely fairly so. I would not take seriously a news report based largely on Todd Bentley’s writings, not just because of the sex scandal. In fact a more important reason for rejecting Michael Reid as a Christian spokesman is the thoroughly un-Christlike way in which he exerted complete authority over his church.

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